Hi, this is me. No more, no less. A person full of empathy and love for my work. A well known professional with a long experience in the international publishing business, both in the Italian and the international markets.

I created my foreign rights agency in 2012, a professional challenge following a ten years experience in the publishing world on different roles such as junior agent, translator, editor and rights manager.

Throughout the years, I have built a network of professional partners and have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful people around the world. I am proud of having helped many excellent books to be translated into Italian and other languages and I look forward to seeing many more ahead.

What books do we work on ?

We promote fiction and non-fiction books for Italian and foreign customers that publish high quality literature. 

Illustrated albums are one of our main domains.


I like things as easy as possible, so if you want to make part of this exciting marketing project, just need to send me an email. Give me an idea of which kind of service would you be expecting to receive from our agency, as well as the type of books that you are editing or representing and we will find together the way to make them a reality in any of the worldwide markets.

Please note that we do not represent individual authors or single titles, so we do not consider any unsolicited material. If this is not your case, please write me to